Friday, May 4, 2012

Beach BAG Bingo!

**For those of you waiting on an update about the manly vs. girly stool.  I am a total chicken and haven't admitted to the man that I tore his totally grotesque stool apart yet.  I intend on gaining the courage necessary this weekend.  I am hoping he won't have a problem with my spray painting it hot pink and covering it in a turquoise and pink floral print.  What?  He naps under an Amy Butler Love flannel quilt (with his boy dog) so he shouldn't take issue with sitting on a hot pink stool...right?  Okay, I should probably keep my mouth shut now.**

It's getting hot out there and with the end of school fast approaching, it will be Summer before you know it.  Days filled with beach, pool or if you're a South Texan, floating down the Guadalupe River!  (I've never actually done it.  I'm a wimp!)  And if your family is anything like mine, you are probably the designated pack mule.  Towels, flip flops, water bottles and snacks are all my responsibility and they must all fit in one enormous bag....that I have to carry.  May as well make it pretty!  Here are some ideas for the perfect travel bag showcasing some of your favorite fabric! 

Birdie Sling

My standard go to if it's just me and my daughter, is my trusty Birdie Sling.  First, I have about 10 of joke.  It's my favorite pattern.  I have them in every color of the rainbow!  I love it!  The strap is comfy and long enough to hang nicely on my shoulder.  The pattern is so easy and I've made so many of them that I can whip one out in no time flat!  One drawback you may experience is the narrow opening.  It contours up but I kind of like it.  It's not easily accessed by anyone if it's hanging on you.  What can I say, I'm paranoid.  The size won't allow me to carry more than a couple towels, a couple bottles of water and my personal stuff so it's good if it's just us two!
Need a larger option?

Above photos courtesy of Amy Butler Design

This is Amy's Spice Market Tote and it is ENORMOUS!  I made the large size to hang in our booth.  I could so easily fit enough beach going supplies for the whole family in this stunner!  The only difference between the large and small sizes is the height.  The smaller size is shorter but would still be perfect if you weren't carrying a lot of high profile items that may fall out.  My suggestion on this one is use Home Decor weight fabric!  If you'll be toting it a lot, you'll appreciate the heavier weight as it holds up much better than your average quilting weight.  And pre-wash your fabric and interfacing before putting it together so you can just toss in the washer and dryer if need be!  Not gonna lie, pre-washing interfacing is a pain in the patookie but I have had projects that were ruined after laundering because the interfacing wasn't pre-washed.  Not happy!   

Above photo courtesy of ME!

This one I'm kind of proud of!  It happens to be MY pattern!  I've developed the Summer Tote Bag as part of my bag making class.  It incorporates basic piecing, quilting and bag construction skills so you can go home and create your own original bag!  It's a good size and I made MY straps a little longer so I could swing it across my chest for more comfort. You can make your straps whatever length you want.  In fact, I'm scheduled to teach this class at The Scrappy Quilter in Schertz, TX this month!  My May 17th class is full but there are a few spots left for my Saturday May 26th class.  If you're near Schertz or the San Antonio area and you are interested, go visit The Scrappy Quilter and sign up!  We're going to have some fun!

There are so many other bag patterns that are perfect for Summer!  Visit our pattern page at A Joyful Soul Fabrics to take a look at what we have!  You may just find your next project!  And if you'd like us to kit something up for you, let us know via the Contact Us link on our website!  We provide extra personal service!  We'll cut exactly what you need for your project!  Have a wonderful weekend!  (I'll be spray painting a stool!  Hopefully HOT PINK!!) 


Cherie said...

Loving the birdie sling bag! How much would a kit cost? I'm over in the UK =D

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

The Birdie Sling Kit is $59.99 and includes the pattern, fabric (3 3/8 yds) and interfacing for one bag. I'm fairly certain I can fit it all in a flat rate envelope for $17.50 to the UK. It would require squishing every last bit of air out and using quite a bit of heavy duty tape but I can do it!!