Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Miss Muffet

Yet another Amy Butler pattern (they're just the best after all!), the "Honey Bun Pouf" is rather misleading in its title.  When I hear "pouf", I think "dainty".  This is no dainty pillow.  This is a hardcore, comfy piece of furniture (well almost)!  Pillow on steroids!  First, the larger size is enormous! rather...generous, but "it" fits perfectly right in the middle of this beauty.  Now, I don't meditate...but this pillow makes me WANT to meditate just so I can sit on this massive "tuffet".  It's like sitting on a cloud!  We've carried this pillow pattern for a really long time.  I don't know why it's taken me so long to make samples but when we purchased the Lark Home Decor Fabric, we decided to plan our 2012 booth set-up around the Lark fabric lines.  It is so suited for Home Decor with the geometric prints and darker hues.  (In other words, the husband can live with it more easily than bright pink flowers!) 

(Small pillow is 24" across and the large is 30" across.)

The pattern was SO easy to follow.  Each side is put together by piecing five "petals" together and making three sets for each side.  You then piece your three units together and you have two massive disks.  The wrong side of your disk will have a "fountain" of sorts where all of your fabric meets in the middle.  Don't stress!  You're putting an enormous fabric-covered button right over that so no one will be the wiser.  The tufting is done not with your decorative buttons but by looping twill tape in the center of the pillow inside.  The instructions are FABULOUS for this.  Even sewing in the zipper, which is a MUST if you plan on laundering, is super simple in this pattern. 

Now, I did deviate from the pattern a bit.  She calls for bean bag beads for stuffing.  I really wanted this to be a comfy snugly piece so I used poly-fil.  (My childhood memories of bean bags had me shying away!)  It took a massive amount to make it as firm as I was hoping for.  I think we ended up using a full 5-lb box of poly-fil plus some.  Two 5-lb boxes was enough to stuff the Large and Small sizes.  Quilt batting is also required.  You'll be interfacing each "petal" by basting in a piece of batting at 3/8" from the raw edge.  No doubt, the batting will help with smoothing over your fabric if you use beads to stuff.  You then trim the batting close to your basting stitch so it's not in your seam allowances avoiding a lot of bulk in your seams.  I also made a little change here too.  I made a pattern piece that was identical to the petal but 1/4" smaller all the way around for the batting.  That way, I skipped the trimming out part!  (Always looking for shortcuts!)

If you want to make these pillows, really think about how you want it to look.  There is SO much you can do with this.  Fussy cut your pieces and give it an awesome kaleidoscope look.  Use different fabrics like our small sample.  The possibilities are endless!  One of my very good friends came by the studio the other day and has already put her order in for her house warming gift!

They are adorable stacked, perfect for an ottoman and the ideal way to affordably add a little oomph to your decor!  Think children's playrooms as well!  I would love to see these done up in bright colors for a Candyland inspired playroom!  Next Wednesday, we'll talk about the Gum Drop Pillow which is so cute inter-mingled with the Honey Bun.  It's time to spruce up our homes, Folks!  Pillows are the perfect way to do that!


Rebeckah Austin said...

Oh my these are lovely! i want to pick up the pattern right away!

Cherie said...

They both look so cute! =D

Kelly said...

They turned out so beautiful. I've had Lark & that pattern sitting here for 4 month waiting for me to make one. You've just encouraged me to get started. Thanks Joy xxx

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

Thanks Kelly! You really must get a couple of these done! It's a super fun pattern and I love how they look like they came from an upper-end decor boutique...but I MADE them!

margaret said...

Can you help me with directions for this pattern. I am ending up with a large hole in the middle and I cannot figure out why. My wedges do not overlap toward the center.

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

Hi Margaret! You WILL have a hole in the should actually look like a weird fountain...this freaked me out too until I realized how large the button is that goes over this intersection. Your button is 2.5" in diameter. That should be plenty big enough to cover what's going on the middle. I know what you're feeling! I thought I did something wrong until my hubby pointed out that the button was enormous and would cover it all up anyway! Measure your hole, and if it's under 2" across, you should be fine. You definitely want to get it sewn as close as you can to make it as small an opening as possible. Especially if you're using beads to fill....I used Poly-fil, not beads. Let me know how it can either leave me a reply here or email me from my shop website with any other questions!

margaret said...

Thanks so much! I will not worry about the hole. The picture in the pattern did not look like what I was doing. It showed all the stitching lines overlapping and they don't so I can't figure out what that means. I'll email the company but will go ahead with the pouf for now.
Happy Sewing!