Friday, April 20, 2012

Gypsy Skirt in Gypsy Caravan!

Have I told you before that my ancestry line includes Norwegian gypsies?  No?  Well, it's true!  I descend from gypsies!  I think that little fact is too cool and it actually explains quite a bit about my personality!  After all, I travel all over the lands to sell my wares!!  (In my most dramatic Norwegian accent!)  Really I mean my more Boho fashion preferences!  One year, I even dressed up as a gypsy for Halloween and read my crystal ball at the front door to all who braved a trick-or-treat!  Embarassed the heck out of my daughter but I thought it was a blast!  If it weren't for the outrageous amount of jewelry and the fake eyelashes, you wouldn't have ever known I was in costume!  I love big flowy skirts!  Let's face it, these Texas summers aren't kind to those of us who aren't into shorts!  If I were to strut around showing off anything above the knee, I would blind half the population.  These legs haven't seen sun in quite some time.  So, I live in skirts and sundresses over the summer.  Which is why I've been harping on the skirt thing lately!  I'm building my summer wardrobe.

Amy Butler's STASH Gypsy Caravan line arrived last week and as soon as I had it unpacked, I started picking for my next skirt.  This time, I used Kay Whitt's first Fashion Formula Skirts booklet.  It has a beautiful bohemian skirt on the cover!  This is Trixie.

The perfect choice for my upcoming summer which will certainly feel like I'm sitting on the sun.  (Okay, I'm a tad dramatic but last summer in this place KILLED me.  Why can't the Navy send us to, oh I don't know, the North Pole?  More my speed.)

Since my last skirt was of the blue persuasion, I opted for the beige and coral avenue this time.  Very summery!  This particular skirt is extremely easy to construct.  She gives you a nifty worksheet to figure out each tiers length that will work off your fullest hip measurement.  It gives you two options for a 30" or 36" length.  I opted for the 36" since I am upwards of 5' 11" depending on what shoe I wear.  She also gives you the option for the trim between each tier like the photo above.  I opted to not add that.  I went for an elastic waist which is always comfortable and convenient during summer!  The fabric requirements will differ for each length as the longer length will require a wider tier.  Please note here that the fabric requirements do not take into account pre-washing.  I think I'm the last person on earth that pre-washes!  Tier one requires 1/2 yard for the larger sizes which was plenty, Tier 2 requires 1/2 yard for all sizes which I found to be a fraction too short because of the pre-washing.  The tier strips need to be 9" each so if you only have 18" of fabric and pre-wash it, any shrinkage or fraying you experience will take away from the full 18" you need.  My suggestion here is, if you are doing the 36" length, grab a few extra inches, maybe 5/8 yard instead 1/2 yard, if you plan on pre-washing.  I ran into the same problem with Tier 3.  Requirements are 5/8 yard (22.5") but you need two 11" strips for the 36" length skirt.  I always pre-wash my fabrics if I'm sewing garments so with a little shrinkage and the fraying of raw edges, I was short about an inch.  In the grand scheme of this skirt, no big deal.  I worked with what I had and it turned out the perfect length!  You won't run into this problem with the 30" length as your strips aren't quite as wide.  Just a tip for us Talls (those who watch RHOA will get that).

I was a bit worried about the weight of the skirt.  After all, these types of skirts you buy at the stores are usually made out of a lightweight rayon or gauze type of fabric.  Because there isn't a ton of gathering on this skirt, the weight is PERFECT!  I got a little creative with the hem.  I am obsessed with saving every bit of hand-crocheted trim I can find at flea markets and antique shops so I dug through my supply and found a few matching pieces that would fit around the bottom of the skirt.  I top-stitched it close to the edge and I just re-purposed a beautiful piece of trim made who knows how many years ago!  I did pre-wash and even bleached it before attaching it to the skirt. I'm thrilled yet again with another Sew Serendipity pattern!


Kristy said...

Beautiful!!! Love this pattern booklet, so many options!

Knitting Bee said...

cool ;)

Elizabeth said...

So pretty!! I love wearing skirts, especially in the summer.

CathyK said...

Very pretty!

Mercedes G. said...

linda tu falda, :)