Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March Fat Quarter Club Collection: Botanique by Joel Dewberry

March is here and we have another gorgeous fabric collection on its way to our club members!  Botanique by Joel Dewberry is full of florals, geometrics and contemporary prints all blended together in two soothing color ways. 

All 24 Prints from Botanique

We have hand-picked this selection of 12 for our club members.  You'll receive 6 from each color way.  (Check out our Fat Quarter Club!)

Fat Quarter Club Selection

I love everything about this fabric line but there isn't much that Mr. Dewberry creates that I don't adore.  But what really floored me....I mean,  this really really took me by SURPRISE.... my daughter, who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with fabric, loved it.  Yes, she loved it....and she wanted me to make pillows for her new (extremely boring) IKEA couch in her room.  

I recently found out that my daughter also shares my affinity for odd and old buttons.  So the first pillow I made very simple.  Just a 16 patch with 5" squares.  My plan was to tuft it with a few of my vintage brass buttons.  I spent a good half hour sifting through my tin.  It was a good time!  

I locked the buttons using a small button on the back.  While the front buttons are extremely old, the back buttons are probably of the 60's/70's eras.

Kinda hard to see but one has a little Scottie dog, one a clover, all different colors.  Kind of fun!  Like my girl!

For the other pillow, I knew I wanted to do some applique since acquiring my new (and absolutely FABULOUS) Pfaff Performance machine....still getting to know will be forthcoming.

I really like this one.  Just a simple rail fence made to measure 18.5" square.  I took a piece of my favorite print and mimicked the Lotus type shape within it with the solid coral.  Using a lightweight heat bond product, I adhered to the center and used a blanket stitch all around.  Then I cut out the center piece, ironed that on and satin stitched all the way around that one.  

She just walked in the door and I got one thumb up....the other arm was holding her iPad, phone, a snack and a drink.  The door is now closed and I won't see her again until dinner....{siiiigh} I love living with a teenager!

Club Members:

You have the option again this month to purchase the entire collection.  If you do, you will receive free shipping.

Next month will bring Fox Field by Tula Pink!  Here are the twelve we've pre-selected for your collection.

It's an interesting one!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Patchwork and Quilting Giveaway!


This Giveaway is closed!  Congrats to Karen of PA!  You've been emailed!

Don't you just love a chance to win something awesome!?  I know I do, here's a good one!

I have been OBSESSED with a new magazine out of the UK.  Love Patchwork and Quilting has to be one of the most beautiful and inspiring publications I have seen in a while.  When you actually LIKE looking at the advertisements, you know it's a good one!  I am so obsessed that I make weekly trips to our local book store to make sure I am the FIRST to lay my hands on it!  And this month, when issue 4 came out, I knew what I had to do!  You see, every month, the magazine has a little freebie!  The first issue had a sewn ornament kit with all the fabric and everything!  The second issue had a fabulous quilt pattern by Quilting Rock Star, Tula Pink.  The third issue had an adorable set of pins with little hearts on the end.  The fourth issue had an awesome pattern book of 20 simple block designs featuring Amy Butler's new fabric line, Hapi.

Hapi just happened to be our Fat Quarter Club selection for February.  It was a perfect match!  I rushed down to our local Barnes and Noble and scooped up a copy.  So, here is what's up for grabs!

A copy of Issue FOUR Love Patchwork and Quilting (Retail value, $11.99)

A selection of 12 Fat Quarters from Hapi by Amy Butler (Retail value, $35.00)

A selection of 8 Pure Elements Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics Fat Quarters to incorporate with your Hapi (Retail value, $23.50)

OVER $70 Prize Pack!!

Just a little disclaimer here:  While I DID contact Love Patchwork and Quilting to make sure that they were okay with this giveaway (they were THRILLED!), I am not being compensated in ANY WAY by the magazine to promote it.  I seriously LOVE this magazine!  So much so that I subscribed!  (No more running to Barnes and Noble every week....well, honestly, I probably still will, it's my favorite place on earth.)  I purchased this magazine specifically for this giveaway!  That's how much I love it.  If you'd like to take a look at how to subscribe, go to this link:  Love Patchwork and Quilting Subscription Page.  You can also follow them on Facebook.  They are always doing a cool giveaway or linking to other giveaways.  

So, here's what you have to do to win:

Make a comment below:  Tell me what you think of Hapi! Include your email address if you do not have a Google account.  Remember that I have to moderate all comments so if you don't see your comment right away, it just means I've stepped away from the computer for a moment.  No worries!  It will be there after I approve and put you in the running for the prize!

Visit and "Like" our Facebook Page! (If you already do, make a separate comment below stating so.)

If you place an order at A Joyful Soul Fabrics, you'll get another entry for every $35 spent!

You have until Wednesday, February 19th, Midnight to enter.
The winner will be chosen on Friday, February 21st!

(Current Fat Quarter Club members have been given one entry already.)

We're having a pretty nice sale over on the website!  You'll find fabrics and patterns for up to 50% OFF!  Shop soon for the best selection.  This sale is limited to stock on hand.  When it's gone, it's gone!

Thank you so much for entering our giveaway!  Stay tuned for the next Fat Quarter Club Blog Post!  Our March selection in Botanique by Joel Dewberry!  (For information on how to sign up for our Fat Quarter Club, go to our Fat Quarter Information Page.)

Botanique by Joel Dewberry


This Giveaway is closed!  Congrats to Karen of PA!  You've been emailed!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February Fat Quarter Collection: Hapi by Amy Butler

Our first blog post of 2014!  Wow! It's actually our first blog post in quite some time.  I have a few things I'd like to tell all of my friends so I think this is the best place to do that.

2014 is bringing some changes to A Joyful Soul Fabrics.  First and foremost, we are not vending at any shows this year.  Travel is hard and it is especially hard when you have to do it by yourself.  With Chief retired from the Navy and working a civilian job, it's just not likely that he would have been able to take off 1-2 times a month to help out more.

With the shows out of the way, that will enable us to concentrate on our manufacturing business and our Fat Quarter Clubs!  I am really looking forward to sharing some creativity with all of you!  Our Mini Monster is doing SO well!  This is our Travel Pressing Board we make here in our studio.

Because EVERYONE must have a cute pressing board in their sewing space!   If you are interested in learning more or purchasing our Mini Monster Pressing Board, email us at 
shop {at} ajoyfulsoulfabrics {dot} com.  
We don't quite have our website ready to sell them online so we are filling orders via phone and email!  Mini Monster Travel Pressing Board with Coordinating Carry Tote, $49.95 (plus tax and shipping).

And now for the fun stuff!  Our February Fat Quarter Collection is Hapi by Amy Butler.  Here are the fat quarters we chose for your collection:

If you are a club member and would like the entire collection, let us know and your shipping charge will be $0 (international members will receive a discount equal to the cost of domestic shipping)!  
(Full collection is $70.00)

I was dreaming up some fun projects for Hapi and came up with these cute little coin purses!  The first is a Zakka Style totally mini coin purse.  Adorable!  But a little too small for my needs!  

Free pattern from: Cotton & Cloud 

I did a little more research and found a fabulous pattern that you can ad lib to make your very own shape and sized coin purse on Moda's Bake Shop.  (Charm and Layer Cake Friendly too!)

By the way, if you're looking for some cute coin purse frames, I found these on  They shipped very quickly from China, are super cute and pretty inexpensive if you buy them in bulk!

If a quilt is more your speed, your collection will include a free gift this month!  The Honey Bouquet Rose Card pattern by Villa Rosa Designs is a free gift this month!  Here is my quilt top using this pattern:

Not sold on the placement just yet but I'll finish it up tomorrow afternoon and post an updated picture.  This pattern is perfect to let the fabric do the work for you.  This line is stunning!  It simply glows when melded together.  No fancy piecing or patterns are necessary.  Use this quick and easy pattern and let Hapi be the STAR!

So there you have it!  A little inspiration for what to do with your February Club Collection!  

Next month is Botanique by Joel Dewberry....I can not wait!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hip to be Square

This little tutorial is for our Fat Quarter Club Members....well, really for anyone who has never squared off the corner of a bag.

Our Fat Quarter Club Members will be getting a little freebie in the collection for July! We were thrilled to find out that Villa Rosa Designs has added to their Rose Card collection and are now offering accessory patterns in the Rose Card format!  Well, I LOVED Tabitha Jane!  Who can't use a soft, interfacing-free shoulder bag to take to the grocery store, farmers market or park? 

Now, this pattern has you leaving the corners flat but I like to have a width across the bottom of my bag in case I need to put my laptop, notebooks or just need to fit a little more than usual in my bag.  This particular bag pattern is reversible so you'll be doing this a total of 4 times for each bag.  Once for each corner of the exterior and once for each corner of the lining.  When you have both the exterior and lining sewn, before you move on to attaching the straps, leave them wrong side out and stick your hand in the corner to spread it out so that the seam going up the side is in the exact middle.

You can use your 45 degree angle on your ruler to line up your square.  Make sure your seam line is in the very middle of your angle.  If it's off just a bit, adjust your fabric so it's very near or perfectly in the center.  A nice square corner is what we are shooting for here!
Next, slide your ruler up your corner until there is 2" from side to side.  Make sure that your seam is in the very middle of those two inches or you won't have a square corner! Draw a line along the 2" and place a pin so it won't shift on the way to your machine.
Sew across the 2" line.  Lock your stitches at both ends.
Trim the corner out and continue with the instructions for Tabitha Jane.
Knowing this little trick will allow you to have a bag that will be able to hold just a bit more than a flat bag would! 

Here is my finished bag!  I used our July Fat Quarter Club collection, Tangier Ikat by Dena Designs!  Each bag takes 6 fat quarters so with your collection, you can make two reversible bags!  If you have any questions about this post or our Fat Quarter Club, please email us at

Visit our shop, A Joyful Soul Fabrics!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Me" Time

Gosh, I miss blogging.  This show schedule, teaching schedule and well, life schedule prohibits me from spending much time here even though I love it so much. 

This weekend, I was scheduled to teach two workshops at a Quiltfest close to home.  I was very excited and happy to do it but the closer we got to the date the more apparent it became that NO ONE was interested.  That's right.  Not one sign-up.  Well, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason because let me tell you, I had the most awesome weekend (minus the frantic visit to the grocery store Sunday morning) I have had in a really long time.  NOTHING on the schedule.  Hasn't happened in a while.  I am usually teaching, vending or completing a "MUST SEW NOW" order.  I haven't had a "do what you want" weekend in so long.  It's good for the creative soul.  I was able to catch up on some laundry (trust me, this was a GOOD thing), I baked a pineapple upside down cake (my fave!) and I was able to sew something I wanted to sew rather than had to sew.

This quilt top was inspired by the XOXOX pattern by Cozy Quilt Designs in El Cajon, CA....which just happens to be my hometown!  I purchased a ton of these in preparation for my workshop.  Yes, the canceled workshop.  But it's all good!  I'll be teaching this class locally soon so not only will I already have the pattern, now I have an awesome sample! 

Like it?  Wanna make it?  Here's your shopping list:

One PB and J by Basic Grey Jelly Roll
 1/2 Yd for Inner Border (6 2.5" strips)  (I used Sunny Day in Picnic)
 1 1/4 Yd for Outer Border (6 6.5" strips) (I used Daisy Mae in Basket)
 5/8 Yd for Binding  (I will use Bag of Chips in Basket)
 4 Yd for Backing  (I just used a solid white because that's what I had already sewn up for a backing but check out the rest of PB and J and use one of these awesome prints for your backing!)

XOXOX Pattern
Strip Tube Ruler OR Strip Tube Jr (Neither are required to make this but trust me, either will make this pattern go SO much quicker and easier!)

Remember, I used this pattern as "inspiration".  I didn't make it exactly as the pattern calls for.  The only difference?  I just used a jelly roll for the center squares.  The pattern has you using a light and medium background color consistently through every square.  I wanted to see how it would look just using the entire jelly roll.  I like the scrappy effect.  Here is a picture from the pattern by Cozy Quilt Designs.

See the difference when you use a consistent light and medium background color?  Gives it a more "broken" effect.  I LOVE this too, I was just curious what it would look like just using a jelly roll.  A scrappier version!  Now, because you have 40 strips in a jelly roll, I was able to get 20 blocks that finish out to 10" so I arranged them in a 4 x 5 fashion and bordered it twice.  This size is not in the pattern.  You need the pattern to figure out how to do your strip tube piecing and arrange your units.  My quilt finishes out to 56" x 66".

If you've never seen the Strip Tube Ruler in action, you can search YouTube and find the Cozy Quilt Shops video or I posted a video as well here on my blog.  This is the only ruler I carry in my shop.  It is SO very cool.  And as always, if you have any questions, please let me know!  I'm happy to help!

My wish for you this coming weekend?  I hope you have some refreshing YOU time!  Our creative souls need it so very much!  Thanks for spending time with me today!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fireworks Quilt!

Today's tutorial is dedicated to our Fat Quarter Club Members!  We have a fun club that will provide you an automatic shipment of 12 fat quarters every month!  Our April collection is PB & J by Basic Grey.  This fabric is rather "vintage-y" for lack of a better non-word.  A little different for the vibe of our shop but when I saw it at Fall Market, I was smitten!  It's not a bad thing to step out of my aqua/pink/lime box, right?

If you are interested in joining our Fat Quarter Club, you can check out our info link on our website, or you can email us at

First, take your fat quarters and cut them all into 4~5" x 18" strips as shown in the picture below. Trim off your selvage, cut your strips and you'll have a small strip left which will be scrap.
First trim off your selvage and cut into 4 5" x 18" strips.

Take two of those 5" x 18" strips and trim to two 5" x 14" rectangles. The 4" left over will be scrap.

Take the other two 5" x 18" strips and cut into six 5" squares as shown below.

Cut four 5" x 18" strips into six 5" squares and two 5" x 14" rectangles.

You now have six 5" squares and two 5" x 14" rectangles from all 12 prints. Now find a pair of jeans that can be cut up! If you happen to use a denim that has a stretch to it (ie: 1% spandex) best to interface it with a French Fuse or woven single sided fusible interfacing like SF-101 by Pellon. Just to ensure that the stretch won't be a problem when quilting. (I used my hubby's jeans as men's jeans rarely have a stretch.) Cut twelve 5" squares from your re-purposed denim. Now we're ready to start piecing.

For my pictures, I'm using a directional print. Remember to piece them correctly so your design lines up right.

Piece a print 5" square to a denim 5" square with a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seam away from denim.

Piece a second print square (matching the other side) to the other side as pictured above. Press seam away from denim.

Now piece your 5" x 14" rectangles to the top and bottom of your 5" square set to create a frame around your denim square. Press seams away from denim.

Repeat for all 12 denim squares and you will have 12 blocks that will finish to 13.5". Arrange your blocks in a 3 x 4 fashion to your liking. You will sew 4 rows of three blocks and then sew your rows together. In order to avoid bulk in my seams, I rotated each block so the seams on one block were sewn to the side of the next block without seams.

You will have four 5" squares left of each print or 48~ 5" squares. If you would rather not use the denim center square, you can take from this pile of extra 5" squares to place in the center of your "frames". HOWEVER, if you use a denim or other fabric outside of your fat quarters for your center, you will have enough 5" squares left to create a scrappy border like we did. With the 5" square border, your finished quilt will measure 49.5" x 63".

I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt this one yet. I may send it to our local long arm quilter but I have really been wanting to practice my free-motion skills and since this quilt will be our "Fireworks Quilt", ie; laid out on the grass for our local Fireworks Display this Fourth of July, it might just be the perfect practice palette for me!

I hope you enjoyed this very easy and quick way to turn your PB & J fat quarters into a fun picnic quilt!



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome Quilt Story Readers!!


Hi!  I'm Joy!  I own A Joyful Soul Fabrics!  I am SO happy you visited us today!  Our blog is a bit lacking right now.  We travel and vend at quilt shows and that takes up a lot of our time preparing for these shows but I thought I would at least show you what we are working on in the studio!

We currently carry the ENTIRE line of Art Gallery Solids!  This is one of our samples that was hanging in our booth in Oklahoma City at their Winter Quilt Show.  Here's another sample we are working on now.  This was taken at roughly midnight last joke!
I am SO proud of this one!  I am IN LOVE with Joel Dewberry's line Notting Hill!  This is a pattern by Abbey Lane Quilts, Dizzy Lizzy made up in Notting Hill.  It will be a kit available on our site soon!
We are also in LOVE with Tula Pink's line Salt Water!  I grew up on the beaches of San Diego AND we are a US Navy family so this line was right up my alley!  Here is one of our new samples:

This is Shoreline and is a free pattern on Tula's blog.  It takes one design roll and one charm pack plus 2 1/4 yards of a solid.  We have them all in our shop!

Another really cute sample we just finished is the Brioche & Baguette by Modern Quilt Relish using Rock n Romance by Art Gallery Fabrics!

We are getting a new blog post ready now which will review the new pattern, Gypsy Sling, by Amy Butler.  We like to review patterns and show pictures from the process.  Anything that might help YOU be successful in your creative endeavors! 

Thanks again for visiting us today!!  And good luck in our giveaway at Quilt Story!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Thank you to all who left a comment!  Our giveaway is now CLOSED to entries.  Our Winner was bee!

Congrats and you'll be getting an email from us today!
It's Blog Hop Party Time!
Happy 5th Birthday to Quilting Gallery!
Get yourself a slice of cake and party with us for a bit!  Hi!  I'm Joy and I am the owner of A Joyful Soul Fabrics.  We've been around for roughly six years now....doesn't seem that long!  We are an online retailer and we travel around Texas and Oklahoma setting up shop at various Quilt Shows.  We specialize in contemporary fabrics by designers like Tula Pink, Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler and many more!  We are a US Navy family and we remain portable to carry on business at any duty station the Navy sends us to! 
So why shop A Joyful Soul Fabrics vs. all the other online fabric shops out there?  Two words:  CUSTOMER SERVICE!  In my recent experience, customer focused shops are a dying breed, and it doesn't make sense!  My customer is why I am here doing what I love to do.  I am here to help and enjoy it!  If you have a question, you can either email me through the CONTACT link on our website or on our Facebook Page.
Here are a few cool things coming up soon at our shop:
You are the first know and you have the first opportunity to shop before we send out our newsletter on Wednesday!  End of Year Clearance sale, 40% OFF on select patterns, pre-cuts and fabrics!
Tula Pink's Salt Water arrives in our shop December 12!  Tula is the Rock Star of the Quilting World right now.  Her next quilting weight line is ocean inspired and very cool!
(My favorite quilt of Fall Quilt Market!  And not just cuz I'm a Navy Girl!  Go get the pattern for free!)
We now carry all 40 of the Pure Elements Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics.  Available in yardage, 1/2 yard bundles and we have color cards.
The Pantone color of 2013 was just announced: 
What's your opinion?  LOVE IT...DESPISE IT...I personally think it's a beautiful color but I would like to know why Pantone has the authority to pick the IT color of the year....and how do I get THAT job!?

Leave a comment here on our blog letting us know your thoughts on the 2013 Color of the Year.  Our winner will be chosen on December 15th at midnight.  Please make sure that if you are an anonymous poster, you give us your email address in your comment so we can contact you!
Our prize will be your choice of a 1/2 yard Pure Elements Solids bundle.  You can choose from Berry, Citrus, Water or Natural.  (Emerald is in the Water Bundle)  We WILL ship internationally.  Thank you so much for spending time with us today.  Now go check out the more than 150 other blogs participating and enter to win you some swag!